What is Energy?

Energy is an electromagnetic field with frequencies and wavelengths that comprise everything in the universe.  Just as we have a circulatory system, a skeletal system and a lymph system, we also have an energy system.  Energy is found in our bodies in three forms.  Meridians are the energy pathways that are like small rivers throughout the body.  They act as the messengers of energy.  Chakras are energy centres that are located throughout the body.  These energy centres are the data processing program of the body, mind and spirit.  Auras are the energy fields that extend through and beyond our skin and into our personal space-- information storage areas. 

Health and illness are visible in the energy of the body.  Everyday life affects the balance of our energy: stress, physical illness, emotional struggles and life transitions cause energy imbalances and energy blockages.  Symptoms that are not relieved through other methods can often be relieved with energy work.  Energy work can relieve illness by addressing the underlying causes of illness whereas traditional western medicine works by eliminating the symptoms.

“ I can feel the energy literally flowing out of my body and I feel released, relieved, relaxed and as if a huge weight has been lifted from my body.”
— C.C.

Energy Healing

An energy treatment involves lying on a massage table fully clothed.  Light touch is used directly on the body in the areas of the energy centres. If light touch is uncomfortable it can be above the body.  The treatment involves both quiet times and times of talking. 

Energy healing works with the energy field of the body to release blockages and increase flow.  This gentle practice promotes self-healing through deep relaxation, reduction of pain and stress, promotion of new experiences and enhancement of your sense of well-being.

The purpose of an energy treatment is to identify and deal with the underlying causes of an illness or personal pattern.  This happens by changing the flow of energy, opening the reservoir of innate knowing of the body and addressing the underlying causes of the symptoms to bring about a state of natural health to the body and the mind.

Anyone of any age and gender can receive and benefit from energy work.  Reasons people seek energy healing include acute and chronic health conditions, i.e. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, back pain, cancer, arthritis, increased blood pressure, bowel disorders, Fibromyalgia and/or any illness that creates pain.  It can also help people who are experiencing stress, anxiety, or other intense emotions.  This would include people in transition, in the dying process or anyone who is simply interested in maintaining good health and living fully and with ease. 

Energy Treatments

Energy treatments are non-invasive with the use of light touch or working a few inches over the chakras or energy centres of the body.  The treatments involve lying on a massage table, fully clothed.  The treatment on the table takes approximately 45 minutes.  People may experience a feeling of deep relaxation and energy movement within their body with sensations such as warmth and tingling.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do energy treatments work?

We store excess energy or are depleted of energy in various places and organs of our body.  By working with the energy in the body we can release and explore the physical experience, related to the experiences and emotions that are also stored in this area.  This can result in changing things in our life that we might have wanted to for some time but found ourselves “knowing” what to do but unable to change our actions.


How often are treatments necessary?

Your body directs how frequently you need treatments.  Most people with acute symptoms find that once a week or once every two weeks is useful to begin with.  In time, the length of time between treatments can be increased.  Some people find it helpful to have a treatment once a month for general health while others find that they no longer need regular treatments and can tell when they need a “top up”.


How can energy work be effective on so many things or conditions?

Energy is a basic and fundamental component of our bodies and therefore it is involved in all health and illness.   Energy is utilized through all parts and levels of ourselves – physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual.  Therefore, energy work can work or heal on all levels.


Can energy work ever harm anyone or have negative effects?

The most important thing is to work with someone who is trained and authentic and continues to learn and grow themselves.  Energy is natural to our bodies and our bodies are continually working to be in balance through energy.



Energy therapy is a relatively new term for combining traditional therapy practices with Energy Healing techniques to reveal the real issue or lingering trauma which continues to cause ongoing emotional distress.  Understanding energy and how it works in our mind/body/soul is the foundation to understanding one's inner patterns and patterns with others.  This then is Energy Therapy.  The issue is viewed and treated as energy based rather than just an emotional issue.  Much like the practice of Eastern medicine where the issue is treated rather than the symptoms, Energy Therapy locates and removes the blockages in the body's energy field as well as dealing with the symptoms.  The combination of correction and therapy results in healing at a deep and complete level.  The energy trauma is removed and therefore, so is the emotional and mental suffering.

During the course of energy work, I can literally feel a negative emotion, be it sadness, anxiety, or guilt, etc. draining from my body….I can then feel “the wise women within” come to life and the flicker of my soul increase….The verbal conversation helps me to focus in and find the real source of my distress and deal with it.
— L.B.