The experience of energy work with Maryanne as described by clients

Recently seeking help and support for small back injury which lingered for months even after chiropractic and massage therapy. My body was not responding as usual, likely because I was also dealing with the grief following my husband’s death. Energy work has rebooted my life force I think. My experience is very positive and has launched a renewed sense of healing.
I feel a strength from within, at the core of my being that is helping me to heal.
Energy flowing gives me a feeling of being wrapped in a warm blanket.
I have been having energy work for many years, sometimes for specific reasons due to an injury or stressful time, and sometimes just for “maintenance”
I just know that when I tap into my deeper self energetically it addresses the lack of balance in all my being be it physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Sometimes my outward or felt pain and suffering is coming from an inward imbalance. That’s what energy work can support or give as feedback.

The impact of the experience of energy work with Maryanne as described by clients

I have found that I can move through my daily life in a more grounded way when my energies are balanced. These experiences bring me in direct contact with what is happening in and around me. I am also in the moment and experiencing a truth as to who I am and what is truly going on in my being
The sessions have helped me re-focus on what is important and meaningful, and to work things through to a resolution. I have walked out of those sessions with a renewed sense of self and how to deal with outstanding issues.
It’s HUGE! I’m so very grateful for every healing, not only does the energy work help me to maintain my independence by reducing pain, but I also feel that overall it helps me to evolve as a spiritual being. I appreciate Maryanne sharing her wisdom and teachings. I ‘m completely safe to express myself and share a spiritual experience. Maryanne’s encouragement and assurance in terms of my day-to-day life, dealing with others and health is another very positive impact. She has given me guidance and comfort in uncertainly.
Thanks to the deep work we did together, my negative emotions and thought patterns have altered. This has allowed me to have a better relationship with everyone in my life.
The impact of the experience is on my life as a whole, moving me gently and firmly along my own personal path towards complete wholeness.

How clients describe energy work with Maryanne to others

Maryanne aspires to live a life of service and certainly does so at an extraordinary level, beyond most people I know. Maryanne is able to access incredible powers because she, together with you, is able to reach into the range where wholeness itself dwells.
It’s the most amazing process of healing through the release and grounding of energy. It is very gentle and relaxing.
I don’t know how it works – just that it does. I would never thought it would work as well and for as long as it has with me!
It is difficult to describe. I tell people that Maryanne is a spiritual woman who helps me to focus on my inner being. She does this with conversation and a light, therapeutic, non-invasive touch to help release any negative energy.
I have more faith in this method of healing for both physical and emotional ailments than in any other traditional and non-traditional medical practices.

Other things clients wanted to say

Energy is all around us...and within creates paths, gets disrupted, goes off grid, gets locked out makes new paths. Energy healing helps re-establish harmony in the circuits of circulation in our body and our events can cause imbalances that can be addressed and readdressed with Maryanne’s ability to work with one, to harmonize the energy imbalances inside us.
I am truly committed to this method of healing and would like to be trained in how to provide this service myself. Everyone can benefit from this procedure- we need more hands to help. I am eager to start learning- we desperately need a healing school/centre!
Maryanne really opened my eyes to alternative medicine. She has a research background that made me feel that energy work was a tried & true method of treatment. This was another selling feature, if you want to call it that, for my trying it.
Maryanne is the most astute person that I know of in using this tool called energy work. I think we respond to the meeting of energies from different sources very individually. It’s like when you get a feeling meeting someone that doesn’t resonate with you. To me that is about meeting an energy field that doesn’t resonate with your field. Thanks Maryanne for your offerings. I always feel better after being in your presence.