Energy therapy is a relatively new term for combining traditional therapy practices with Energy Healing techniques to reveal the real issue or lingering trauma which continues to cause ongoing emotional distress.  Understanding energy and how it works in our mind/body/soul is the foundation to understanding one's inner patterns and patterns with others.  This then is Energy Therapy.  The issue is viewed and treated as energy based rather than just an emotional issue.  Much like the practice of Eastern medicine where the issue is treated rather than the symptoms, Energy Therapy locates and removes the blockages in the body's energy field as well as dealing with the symptoms.  The combination of correction and therapy results in healing at a deep and complete level.  The energy trauma is removed and therefore, so is the emotional and mental suffering.

During the course of energy work, I can literally feel a negative emotion, be it sadness, anxiety, or guilt, etc. draining from my body….I can then feel “the wise women within” come to life and the flicker of my soul increase….The verbal conversation helps me to focus in and find the real source of my distress and deal with it.
— L.B.