What is Energy?

Energy is an electromagnetic field with frequencies and wavelengths that comprise everything in the universe.  Just as we have a circulatory system, a skeletal system and a lymph system, we also have an energy system.  Energy is found in our bodies in three forms.  Meridians are the energy pathways that are like small rivers throughout the body.  They act as the messengers of energy.  Chakras are energy centres that are located throughout the body.  These energy centres are the data processing program of the body, mind and spirit.  Auras are the energy fields that extend through and beyond our skin and into our personal space-- information storage areas. 

Health and illness are visible in the energy of the body.  Everyday life affects the balance of our energy: stress, physical illness, emotional struggles and life transitions cause energy imbalances and energy blockages.  Symptoms that are not relieved through other methods can often be relieved with energy work.  Energy work can relieve illness by addressing the underlying causes of illness whereas traditional western medicine works by eliminating the symptoms.

“ I can feel the energy literally flowing out of my body and I feel released, relieved, relaxed and as if a huge weight has been lifted from my body.”
— C.C.