Many workshops are in place for those who want to learn and grow, and for those who also wish to practice energy work on others. 

The school has various opportunities as a part of the three study paths. Below are examples of workshops offered in the Awareness Path.  



The focus of this workshop will be self-awareness and self-care techniques.  Each of us has a distinctive pattern in our body and life.  You will learn about your patterns such as stressors, triggers, and strengths from the language of energy.  This is accomplished by learning about chakras, reading your energy in the chakras, and understanding your energy patterns with others.  You will also learn to identify what drains your chakras and what builds your energy and nurtures your soul.


This workshop will show you how to make changes in your life and make things happen more easily.  Learn what your intention is connected to, how to use intention and setting energies in place,  You will learn about perceiving the energy in a space and about creating energies for the purpose of enhancing your life, healing and growth.  This workshop offers practical interventions such as the use of sacred spaces.


Energy can provide a deeper understanding and a new way of working out old dynamics. There are universal ways that energy flows between people creating different experiences in different relationships. Through this workshop you will expand your knowledge about energy patterns between people. These tools of understanding provide greater awareness which can create greater ease in relationships and living soulfully.


Each of us has a rich inner resource that can provide guidance and direction for life, choices, and personal health.  This workshop will focus on expanding your energy awareness and intuition.  Intuitive awareness will include the opening and the acknowledging of ways of knowing.  There will be an opportunity for you to expand your awareness of the resource of your intuition.


This workshop will be a primer on the beginning skills of “running” energies.  You will learn the initial steps to directing energies.  This experiential workshop is designed to direct your own energies and to learn how energy runs.  You will learn to feel, assess and describe energies.  This workshop is designed for those who are interested in developing an in-depth knowledge of energies.  This will be a small group experience for those that have experienced energies.


Energy is a vital language. Constantly we receive and interpret the language of energy in our lives. Energy is involved in everything we do and is an entire system within our body. Becoming aware of energy is an important skill in living to our fullest. This workshop will focus on increasing awareness and ability in perceiving energies within our bodies and around us. Participants will gain a beginning understanding of the foundation of energy along with practicing their skills.


Follow up workshop to perceiving energies, this workshop will focus on differentiating energies. Energy exists in everything therefore there are many different forms, qualities and experiences of energy. Learning these differences is an enhanced level of awareness. This workshop will focus on learning to distinguish energies through knowledge and practice. Participants will be introduced to the differences of chakras, the meeting of energies and various realms of energy. 


Each of us has spirit guides that are around us and work with us. Our connection with spirit guides is through our energy system. This workshop will focus on expanding one's understanding of the spirit world through: energy, development of skills to perceive one's own guides, and pertinent information through a channeled group read.  A channeled read involves a master spirit who is channeled through a person to provide direct access to spirit world and the akashic records.