The purpose of the school is to expand participants understanding of the “world of energy “, to create a community of like-minded persons and to provide opportunity for transformational growth. Energy is familiar to all of us at various levels of consciousness.  The school provides an opportunity for soul growth for all individuals at various levels of interest, depth of study and abilities. 

Paths of Study

The school consists of three paths of study. These paths are related to the interest of the individual, degree of scope, and depth of study. Involvement in the energy school and/or individual energy work is necessary to move on to deeper levels of study.  Guest teachers will also join us, in order to authentically broaden the students’ experience.



A series of workshops and events that are aimed at increasing one’s awareness of energies. People will dabble in this path as they are interested in particular areas. 


This opportunity involves those who are interested in a deeper exploration of themselves and the world of energies. It involves a significant commitment to the healing work and the small group learning experiences.


The journey and commitment of learning and increasing mastery of methods. This involves coaching and growth of one's own abilities.